This is Avenue 54 Advertising.

Born from the need for start-ups and smaller companies
to be able to compete against larger budgets.

100% Customer Service

While other firms take weeks to get back to you and hardly ever make deadlines, we pride ourselves on our timeliness, professionalism and love for our clients.

Award Winning Work

To us, the awards mean nothing. The quality of work that makes a statement and increase of business for our clients is what we are really after.

Extensive Experience

With decades of working for multi-billion companies, we have picked up a few tricks on how to gain marketshare and we know they could help you.

Loaded With Goodies

From designing print ads, websites, branding and creating radio or television ads, we have the talent to make your campaign work and be different.

Winner of the 2015 Best of Coeur d’Alene Advertising Agency.

Avenue 54 Advertising was born because of a need for businesses to be able to compete against larger companies with bigger marketing budgets. Being creative through out-of-the-box campaigns that captured public attention is what put us on the map. Yes we do websites. Yes we do brand identity. Yes we design billboards, record radio spots and film television commercials. But we do it in a way that will have people talking; talking about you and your brand, in a way that drives business and helps you seize more of the marketshare.


Business To Brag About

Wouldn’t you like to be proud of the look of your empire as well? Our designers give you everything you need to show off your business with pride.

The Right Ingredients

Because no two businesses are alike, we don’t believe in fitting your business into a template. We want you to be original and stand out.

Campaigns With Power

Whether it’s a website or a full ad campaign, we design and produce work that will get you noticed. We have a track record of getting results.

Mobile Friendly Everything

We live in an age where information is available everywhere. Our electronic services are fully responsive and viewable on all platforms so you can reach everyone.

Print that Works

Your customers will only take you serious if you take yourself seriously. We see businesses that produce great products, but their marketing materials are horrible. We fix that.

Free Updates & Support

If we are producing something for you, we just don’t run away after the project is over. We continue to update and support you because we want you to be successful.

"Avenue 54 has worked to understand our business and what motivates our customers. Having creative ideas to attract people to our development…has been very helpful! Avenue 54 is our agency of choice."

− John Stone, The Village at Riverstone

"If we dream it, Avenue 54 builds it…and then success most surely comes!!! This remarkable relationship works at the highest levels of trust, communication, understanding, creativity, and delivery…all hallmarks of Avenue 54. Amazingly, with our responsibility over several businesses of a wide array of characteristics…this formula has worked… every… single… time!!! And, you should know, the same has been true for every one of those referrals we enthusiastically sent their way."

− Linda Davis, Professional Investigators International

"The team from Avenue 54 are a pleasure to work with. The creativity they bring to every project is awe inspiring. They are able to think outside the box and come up with products that get the word out in effective ways."

− Rhonda Kitchen, Child Safety Training